TPE/TPR Concord Plastics

We tailor made models to customers and we have over 100 models in existing. Our TPE has hardness ranged from 0A to 95A, overmold grades, as well as painting grade etc.

Model Hardness Characteristics
1202-60A 60A Mold PS
4303-65A 65A Mold PP
Comply FDA177.1810
2301-65A 65A Mold ABS / PC
Comply FDA177.2600
4302-60A 60A Mold PA / PA GF
1002-60A 60A Paint
2001-10G 10 OO Adult toys, high transparency
2003-XX   PP / ABS

We have too many models which we cannot describe and customers are very welcome to contact us for more products details.



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